Thank you to the people who have informed me that many of these applets are no longer working. There seems to be some problem with the newer versions of the Java Runtime Environment that prevents some of these applets from working. I am in the process of fixing the issue. Several applets should now be working, including Proper Motion, Parallax, Fusion in the Sun, 1 over R squared, Doppler, Extrasolar planets and Electrostatics. If you have an applet that you need to use, please let me know and I'll try to get it working again.

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All the best,
rob scharein
18 January 2014

Astronomy and Physics Simulations

These Java applets were written when I was working for the Physics and Astronomy Department at the University of British Columbia.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Rob Scharein
Hypnagogic Software
Vancouver, BC, CANADA
10 January 2014

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Solar system explorer

Click on one of the little Saturns to run the simulation.
Phases of the inner planets (interactive Java animation)
Retrograde motion (interactive Java animation)
Kepler's Laws (interactive Java animation)
Cratering (Java applet)
Solar Eclipses (interactive Java animation)

Simulations and Animations

Click on the image to run the applet of your choice.

Fusion in the Sun!
(fixed 16 jan 2014)
1 over R squared
(fixed 18 jan 2014)
Extrasolar planets
(fixed 17 jan 2014)
Search for Black Holes!
HR diagram simulator
Eclipsing binary stars
Proper Motion
(fixed 10 jan 2014)
(fixed 10 jan 2014)
Doppler effect
(fixed 16 jan 2014)
Blackbody radiation

Telescopes and Observatories

Click on the image to run the applet of your choice.

Snell's Law
Simple Lenses and Mirrors
(fixed 10 jan 2014)